Services and Costs

The following services with their respective costs, are available:

Wormtest Kits (Individaul Egg Counts NOT a Pooled Egg Count) (What's the difference? - See reasons here)
This price includes Reply Paid postage, a larval differentiation (if required), and a fluke count (if required).
For more than 10 samples a charge of $3.20 per additional sample applies.
Wormtest kits: $38.00
(to test up to 10 samples)
Bulk Individual Faecal Egg Count (Modified McMaster method) [Single chamber count on a McMaster slide]:
$3.20 per count
($3.00 ea. for 50+ samples)
($2.80 ea. for 500+ samples)
Cattle or Horse sample (Modified McMaster method) [Four chamber count on a McMaster slide]{No larval differentiation is offered for cattle or horse samples}:
$12.80 per sample
Lung Worm Test [Baermann method]
$20.00 per count
Fluke Egg Count [Sedimentation method] 1 count free per Wormtest kit:
Otherwise, $20.00 per count
Larval Differentiation: 1 count free per Wormtest kit or with 50+ Individual FEC's:
Otherwise, $18.00 per count

Wormtest kits can be ordered by email or phone, and each standard kit comprises of 10 sample vials, labels, latex gloves (vinyl gloves can be provided on request), and a lab request form. Once the samples are obtained, the producer should indicate the tests that are required, seal and return the kit to WORMCOUNT.

Reply Paid postage is also included in the price of $38.00 for the kit.

Sample vials and latex gloves in bulk can also be supplied. If you choose to return the vials and unused gloves to WORMCOUNT for analysis, there is no charge. Otherwise, the vials cost $35.00 per hundred and gloves are $14.00 per box of 100, plus postage or freight.

WORMCOUNT does NOT provide veterinary advice. Resultingly, WORMCOUNT accepts no responsibility for decisions or actions taken as a result of any information or statement, expressed or implied, contained in laboratory results. You should take the results from WORMCOUNT and speak with your Vet or agricultural advisor as to how to best manage your property and stock.

Payment can only be made by Direct Deposit or by cheque. Details regarding the method of payment will be supplied on the invoice.

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