My name is Dr. John Gorham, and I have a PhD in environmental microbiology from the University of Queensland, a Bachelor of Science (UNE, Armidale) and an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science (Biological Techniques) from TAFE, Armidale.

In 2002 I commenced my practical training in parasitology at the FD McMaster laboratory at CSIRO, Chiswick, Uralla in NSW, as part of the 'Nemesis' project. Following this I became involved with the 'Integrated Parasite Management - Sheep' and 'Golden Ram' projects at the University of New England. These projects conducted research on flocks from the following properties:
Petali Merinos, located between Walcha and Uralla, and owned by the Oppenheimer family,
Cairnie, located south of Walcha and owned by the Fletcher family,
Yarramundi, located north of Deepwater and owned by the Lanz family,
Lana, located near Uralla and owned by the Wright family, and
Newholme, located north of Armidale and owned by the University of New England.
I was also involved with the 'Management Solutions' trial that was held at Mt. William Grazing Partnership, located east of Guyra and owned by the Kelly family.
Furthermore, the position of research technician involved providing technical assistance and knowledge to postgraduate students who were conducting experiments on sheep worm burdens as part of their PhD or Honours studies.

This combination of training and experience has enabled me to provide producers with additional options when confronting the issue of parasite management and control.

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